Springtime Bliss

Spent the morning off yesterday out in the fields picking honeysuckles and wild roses then cleaning them and making jelly.

It was awe inspiring to stand in the huge old bushes listening to the symphony of birds watching as honeysuckles fell in my hair or flittered to the ground while an overall small percentage made it into my grasp and bag. Abundance. More than I could ever hold. Plenty for mistakes and drops and spills and waste and bees and me.

I tried making half with sugar and half with honey. The sugar batch turned out great: golden with floral aromas and citrus, ginger notes.

The honey batch did not gel. So I think I will make it into apricot, honeysuckle margaritas and have a 5 de mayo party this weekend. Yes, I know it is a not really Mexican Independence Day, but what else can someone allergic to honey do with wild rose and honeysuckle syrup made with honey? FIESTA.

Generosity and abundance aplenty. Mistakes allowed and happily consumed.



Baby flowers, bunnies and bees

20 baby Flemish Giants in these two litters. They’ll open their eyes today or tomorrow.

2 packages installed so 3 hives going strong.

Irises and strawberries blooming and

the Maryville Farmers’ Market starts next week!! Here is the schedule (that I created)…



FIELD WATCH!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY BEES!!!! HALLELUJAH. Just heard on the news… starting tomorrow anyone with bees can register them on this site to alert those around to the presence of their bees so they don’t kill them with their PINCHE pesticides!!

BC the TN state apiarist said last year TN Beekeepers lost an average of 70% of their bees. I know we lost half and we spray NOTHING. Bees go 5 miles though so may get poisoned elsewhere. This is GREAT news.

Spring dreams

IMG_1837Ready for spring? Getting to new packages of bees from Coley and two new litters of bunnies (from Heather and Chamomile) are due next weekend. Hopefully the cold weather will pass and we can start planting. Maryville Farmers’ Market starts April 21st. Lots to do before then. Hope to see you there!



“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” `Roald Dahl